Press Release

The SignVideo service puts BSL-using customers in touch with Direct Line’s customer contact centres via live video relay interpreters over webcams. This exciting service revolutionises the way in which BSL users are connected, ensuring they are able to receive the level of service every Direct Line customer has come to expect.

The SignVideo service is very simple to implement as it only requires a hyperlink on the service provider’s website. This enables deaf customers to activate their webcam (via a computer, smartphone or tablet) and get in touch with Direct Line’s contact centre agent.

They are then able to communicate via a fully qualified and registered BSL interpreter. The service is available for both home and motor insurance customers.

Simon Henrick from Direct Line said, “Using digital technology and working closely with SignVideo has enabled us to provide our BSL-using customers with an ease of service that will improve their overall customer experience. The system is available to all our customers no matter what reason they are contacting us. However, one of the greatest impacts this will have is when things go wrong in a customer’s life and they need to make a claim. It is essential that at the point of need, dealing with us is hassle free for the customer, enabling us to help put their lives back on track when something goes wrong.”

Jeff McWhinney, Chairman and Founder of SignVideo said, “Many service providers are not aware that the use of emails and web chat is effectively a barrier for us, deaf BSL users. The fact that BSL is a different language and not based on English is often misunderstood. As a result of this, many deaf BSL users struggle with customer services and other support lines. I am very pleased that Direct Line is using this technology to help deliver equality for their deaf customers.”