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Using SignVideo with your Deaf customers

Do you want to how to make your business fully inclusive for deaf customers? Are you fully aware how the Video Relay Service works? Need to learn more on what you need to do?

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Do you want to open your doors to everyone including deaf and hard-of-hearing customers? Are you taking part in delivering seamless and effective communication? Discover how VRI might be suitable for your service business or organisation.

Inclusive customer service for all

Deaf people make up 1 in 7 of the UK population, a significant portion of the disabled population which has £274 billion worth of spending power as a whole. 75% of disabled people have chosen not to spend money with various businesses due to poor accessibility. SignVideo enables businesses to become accessible to the Deaf which in turn can attract and retain new customers. We aim to deliver the highest-quality BSL video interpreting at the best possible value. Implementing VRS and VRI creates outstanding shared value for both your business and the Deaf community.

What is Video Relay Service?

VRS allows hearing and deaf people to communicate from separate locations via the telephone.

A hearing person can use a smartphone or landline telephone to call a deaf person on their smartphone or tablet. The hearing person will hear the interpreter over the phone.

A deaf person can use their smartphone or tablet to call a hearing person on their mobile or landline. The deaf person will see the interpreter on their screen.Read more

How it works

For a hearing person

  • The hearing person will be connected to a fully qualified interpreter to call the deaf person’s DDI (Direct Dialing In) number.
  • The deaf person will see the interpreter on their smartphone or tablet.
  • The interpreter will sign what the hearing person is saying to the deaf person and voice back to the hearing person what the Deaf person is signing.

For a deaf person

  • The deaf person opens the SignVideo app and is connected to a fully qualified interpreter, who they can see on their smartphone or tablet.
  • The deaf person signs to the interpreter, asking them to connect to a service or organisation that is signed up to SignVideo.
  • The interpreter calls the service or organisation.
  • The hearing person will hear the interpreter on their smartphone or landline.
  • The interpreter will interpret and relay the conversation between the deaf person and hearing person. The interpreter will voice what the deaf person signs and signs what the hearing person says.

VRS is suitable for:

  • Booking appointments
  • Dealing with telephone enquiries
  • Calling local authorities or public service
What is Video Remote Interpreting?

VRI allows deaf and hearing people in the same location to communicate. Their conversation is interpreted via an interpreter on-screen.

Read more

How it works

  • The hearing person calls SignVideo via a smartphone, tablet or computer and is connected to a fully qualified interpreter.
  • The hearing person and the deaf person will be able to see and hear the interpreter on the device.
  • The interpreter signs what the hearing person says and voices what the deaf person signs.


VRI is suitable for:

  • Job interviews
  • Consultations
  • Short business meetings
  • Retail environments
How can customers use SignVideo?
Here are two ways customers can reach you via SignVideo:
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