Allianz launches SignVideo BSL Video Relay Service

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Press Release

The secure video interpreting service, SignVideo, launches in Allianz contact centres in November. The service enables deaf BSL customers to place video calls to Allianz via a free link on its website or through the free SignVideo mobile App. The video call instantly connects to a BSL interpreter, who then phones the Allianz contact centre to relay the conversation in real time.

The technology will initially be available to Allianz Insurance direct home and motor customers, in addition to pet and Home & Legacy customers, for both policy queries and claims. The service is also available for prospective customers who may wish to speak to an advisor about buying policy.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith, Director Operations, Retail, Allianz Insurance, said: “This is the first time that a major insurer in the UK will have the capability to have instant conversations with deaf BSL users and we are really proud to be leading the way in this sector. Our decision to launch this service is very much aligned with Allianz’s values of being caring and responsible.

“It’s important to us that we are there for all of our customers when they need us. Whether they need to discuss their policy or make a claim, it’s imperative that we are accessible, and our communication effective and timely. We are delighted to be implementing this innovative service with SignVideo and hope that it will make a real difference to deaf BSL users.”

Jeff McWhinney

Jeff McWhinney, deaf entrepreneur and Founder and Chairman of SignVideo declares: “BSL is a language in it’s own right and the fact that it’s not based on English is often misunderstood. Service providers emails and web chat for customer services are actually creating a barrier for us deaf BSL users and as a result, we struggle to gain easy access to customer services and helplines. Allianz are pioneering our video relay service in the general insurance sector and we are extremely proud that they have chosen us to deliver equality for their deaf BSL customers. We would like to invite other insurance companies and indeed, any UK service provider, to get in touch with us and see how they can follow Allianz’s lead.”

Joanna Wootten

Joanna Wootten, Business Disability Forum Associate, said: “I would like to congratulate Allianz on being the first insurer to provide access for sign language users. It’s reassuring to know that if a deaf person decides to take out insurance or has to make a claim, they will be able to do it as easily as a hearing person. Being a deaf person myself means that I really appreciate having this access – just like any other customer.”

The SignVideo service is available Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm and can be found here.