Video transcript:

As you know, we are in a somewhat strange uncertain period, thus forcing us to work from home. This would mean deaf people have no choice but to use remote interpreters using various web-conferencing platforms, this is something that many deaf people are unfamiliar with after using traditional face to face interpreters for a number of years.

As a leading VRS provider in the UK, specialising in video remote interpreting, we felt that we have a duty of care to educate others on how to use remote interpreting appropriately and to make sure that everyone understands the security needs.

In this episode, we will be talking about ‘Security and Safety’ and there are 4 areas to consider when using remote interpreters:

  • Making sure the BSL interpreter is registered? Even working remotely, you are still strongly advised to ask for their NRCPD badge at the beginning of a session and to check the expiry date. This is to ensure that you are using a fully qualified and registered interpreter to carry out the assignment.
  • Be wary of giving any personal information. During interpreted conversations, it is often the case that confidential information is being shared, such as client information, personal details, bank details and so on, be wary of how you pass this information over unsecured networks in BSL and English, such as chat functions, messaging systems and so on.
  • Which web-conferencing platform? We cannot advise which web-conferencing system is suitable, as online systems such as Skype and Zoom are not in fact made for video interpreting. They are not secure and not reliable, only suitable for home use. This is why SignVideo have a purpose built platform and does not use anything else.
  • Organisations already have a contract with a VRS provider. Please check if the organisation you are calling already provides VRS access and, if they do, use them for security purposes.

I hope this information is useful to ensure that you are being connected as securely as possible. For further information, please visit our website: Many thanks and stay safe. From everyone at SignVideo.