Corporate Firewall Setting

If you are using the SignVideo application within your corporate network, it is advisable to apply the following firewall configuration to your network/router in order to ensure your users enjoy uninterrupted access to the SignVideo service. 

Please may we ask that you contact your network administrator (IT Staff member) to add the new firewall port details as shown below: 

Port  Domain/IP  Protocol  Direction
(client’s perspective)
443 /  TCP  Outgoing  Web traffic 
5060 /  TCP/UDP  Both ways (Initiated from inside)  SIP traffic to server 
5061 /  TCP  Both ways  To enable TLS Secure on SIP traffic 
443 /  TCP  Outgoing  Establishment of call, SIP secure / / 
40000-40999 /  UDP  Both ways (Initiated from inside)  Server for handling Web RTC Video and Audio Traffic / / 
8000-8200 /  UDP  Incoming  RTP and RTCP Protocol 
10000-20000 /  UDP  Outgoing  RTP and RTCP Protocol 


It is hoped that we have outlined the steps to take accordingly. However, should you wish to discuss anything further with our IT team, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to assist you. 

Many thanks, 

SignVideo Team