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Research shows that bright colours, with the lighting present in most rooms, are not the best option for video calls. A grey, more muted tone works more effectively as a contrast in video calls. Each user has different needs, some can’t tolerate black, some can’t tolerate white, some can’t tolerate blue – we chose a neutral colour that is soft and in the middle of those choices.


Consultation has taken place with members of the Deaf and Deafblind community.

The majority of those who were consulted felt the grey changeover would be beneficial.

A Deaf person shared:

“’I’m really impressed with the new backdrop the interpreters are using. It looks very professional and gives the whole setting a more polished feel. It definitely enhances the experience and makes everything seem more official”.

A Deafblind person shared:

“The grey is very good and feels better, it is much more relaxing for my eyes. The blue is too bright”.


Our 24/7 service means that all our interpreters are either based in our call centres or remotely, the grey colour will vary depending on their environment and lighting.

If you are struggling with the contrast on the screen, do let the interpreter know, and they may be able to adjust their lighting or clothing to help with this.


We are aware that one colour will not match everyone’s preference. As such we have been very careful in the selection of the colour we chose. We will not be able to change our background to match individual callers’ requests, however we welcome feedback if the backdrop is not suitable for you.


While we maintain a professional dress code policy, we are happy to work on a best optimal solution for callers with specific access needs. It may be that a certain colour of clothing would be of help, and most interpreters would be able to provide this, given a few moments to change before placing the call.


We always endeavour to provide a first-class service to all our customers and welcome feedback to make continual improvements to our call experience so you can share your feedback via Customer Service on our website: or connect through BSL Chat or Live Chat from 8am to 8pm.

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