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SignVideo is a remote interpreting company offering Video Relay Services, Video Remote Interpreting and BSL/English Translation Services.

In a nutshell, SignVideo offers:

For the Deaf Community: Deaf people can sign up to our service and are provided with their own SignVideo account where they can make VRS calls through our BSL interpreters, participate in meetings through VRI or use our BSL/English Translation service. The Translation Service provides a translation of their document from BSL into English or vice versa and can correct and improve their documents in written English as required.

For the Business Community: Corporate clients can sign up to our service to enable their BSL customers to make VRS calls to their customer services through SignVideo interpreters. They will be added to SignDirectory – the UK’s largest directory for the deaf community to browse and make calls from. VRI is also available.

SignVideo is the video element of Sign Language Interactions’ business.


We have moved to SignVideo!

We have two brands in Sign Language Interaction group, SignVideo and InterpreterNow. We’ve recognised how they both deliver a VRS service, and we recognise that merging them into a single brand would make us better, bigger, and stronger!

We decided to pursue the SignVideo brand as a continuation of the legacy established in 2004, therefore InterpreterNow brand will cease.

Don’t worry, all InterpreterNow services such as NHS 111 and 119, Leicestershire Police, ScotRail, Surrey Police and all others will merge into SignVideo now.


You can use SignVideo on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re using a PC or Mac, you can either access the SignDirectory or log in SignVideo Web through our website or you can download our free SignVideo App.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download our free SignVideo App, available for both Android and Apple devices.


This is up to you. You can either register, or not to register.

You can access the SignDirectory through SignVideo Web or SignVideo App without registering, which means you would be making calls anonymously.

If you wish to receive a call-back from organisations from the SignDirectory, then you will need to register with SignVideo.


Thank you for downloading SignVideo! Remember you have the choice to continue using SignVideo without registering or to register with us.

Quickly, what’s the difference between registering and not registering? It is simple: if you wish not to register, then the hearing callers won’t be able to call you back.

To register, you will need to fill out the form. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Type in your first name
  • Type in your last name
  • Type in your email – this will be your username to log into the app
  • Type in your email again to confirm
  • Type in your password – it will need to be between 6–20 characters.
  • Type in your password again to confirm
  • Tick the box to confirm that you have read the information on how SignVideo handles personal information and accept the terms – click here for full information.
  • Click the ‘Register‘ button to complete

You will then receive an email from SignVideo asking you to verify your account. Please open your email, and click the ‘Verify Now‘ button.

Done! You are all set up and ready to use the SignVideo app. When opening the app, go to the Settings page and log in then you will now be able to use the ‘call-back’ feature.

Enjoy using SignVideo!


Yes, you must have a good internet connection to use SignVideo, either WiFi or a 3G/4G/5G connection. The better your connection is, the better quality your call will be. If you plan to use 3G/4G/5G, it will use approximately the same amount of data as FaceTime or Skype.


For the app to work fully, you need a good internet connection. This can be either be a WiFi internet connection or 3G/4G/5G connection. If you already have good internet connection, but still having trouble making a call, please try shutting down the app and then reloading it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact the Customer Service team by clicking on the button below, or you can email

Our team will do our best to help you get the app back up and running again!


All SignVideo passwords are case sensitive. If your password doesn’t work, or you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the app. You will automatically receive an email so you can reset your password.


Yes! Yes! Yes! You can use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect to SignVideo. All you need to do is to either download our app on any device, or to use the web version. Click the button below to get started!


You can phone to any organisations listed on the SignDirectory such as Barclays, NHS 111, British Gas, Belfast City Council, Sky and many more.

SignVideo is working with many national organisations across England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales to encourage them to sign up and work with SignVideo so that the Deaf Community can communicate directly with them.

If you know of an organisation who would like to benefit from our SignVideo service, please ask them to contact us directly.


We believe that SignVideo should be FREE to deaf people so they can make use of public and private services in the same way that hearing people do.

That’s why services (such as your GP, a business or an organisation) pay for SignVideo, not the deaf users. The only cost you may incur is phone data if you use 3G/4G/5G to make calls, similar to the amount of data FaceTime uses, as the SignVideo app requires an internet connection.


A similar amount that a FaceTime call uses – approximately 1MB per minute of your call.


VRS stands for Video Relay Service. Using a video call software, a deaf person can connect to an interpreter via a video call. The interpreter will phone a hearing person on behalf of the deaf person and relay the conversation.

For example, calling NHS 111 will connect you to a BSL interpreter, who will then call NHS 111 on your behalf, and relay information between you and the NHS 111 call handler.


VRI stands for Video Remote Interpreting. This service provides a deaf person access to an online interpreter to help them with face to face conversations.

For example, if a deaf person is with a bank adviser, instead of having an interpreter in the room with them, they can make a video call to an interpreter via an iPad, phone or computer. The interpreter will then translate the conversation between the deaf person and their bank adviser.


Text relay relies on written English messages to be exchanged between a deaf and hearing user via a text relay operator. Text Relay calls take longer than conventional calls as only one person can speak/type at a time – exchanges between the deaf and hearing user are not free-flowing and in real-time as they have to be managed by the text relay operator.

Video relay allows deaf people to make a video call in sign language. The interpreter voices what the deaf user says, all in real time. The interpreter also relays in sign language what the hearing person says, in real-time. The interpreter can easily manage the conversation to ensure everything is clear and free-flowing.


If an organisation has registered with SignVideo, you can call them. You can see which services you can call on the SignDirectory page.

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